JIRI KALFAR Spring 2021 Prague – Fashion Channel

September 10, 2020 8419279 Views

JIRI KALFAR Spring Summer 2021 Prague – Fashion Channel

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For Spring Summer 2021 Jiri Kalfar dreams of the blank canvas of a new world; simpler and fair.

The Spring Summer 2012 collection is just that; a blank canvas, the entire collection is pure white, created using fully organic and cruelty free materials such as Buddhist ahimsa silk, vegan leather, pineapple and mushroom leather, vintage lace and banana thread to name just a few.

Jiri Kalfar has shown time and time again how luxury, craftsmanship and awareness of environmental responsibility can come together to create incredible collections; he has shown that a fully sustainable and organic collection can be on trend and beautiful, as well as being a representation of a positive shift in the fashion industry.

The world has changed in a matter of months and it is necessary now more than ever to take responsibility and make a positive change, Jiri continues to stand by the philosophy of ethical and sustainable fashion.

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