KATHY HEYNDELS 25th AXDW Athens – Fashion Channel

June 20, 2019 89952 Views

KATHY HEYNDELS 25th AXDW Athens – Fashion Channel

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Kathy Heyndels founded her first fashion atelier in Brussels in 1956 designing couture creations and bridal.

In 1983 she returned to her birthplace Athens and opened the atelier in Kolonaki.

Yiannis Togos, son of Kathy Heyndels, began to deal with the firm since 1989.

The Fashion House worships 100% authentic natural based materials, uses always silk, taffeta, satin, laces and muslins and many of them are hand embroidered with precious stones and Swarovski.

The Fashion House will participate in the Greek fashion week showing trends for the next season.

The creations of the Fashion House have been influential in the recent years in countries of Europe such as Paris, Monte-Carlo, St. Trope, also in Cyprus, in America (New York – Miami), in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Also, the House has designed dresses for the Greek beauty contest (Star Hellas) several times.

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