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River Bizna Tube is a video-sharing website that allows members to view, upload and share videos.Members can choose between River Bizna Tube free service and a number of paid services aimed at helping organizations control how their videos appear on the Internet. Our free services allow members to employ a number of creative tools in order to enhance videos, add music tracks and pull from Creative Commons-licensed videos. We also provide users with a video school to improve their own video production for long-term personal or financial gain. Paid services from Riverb.org include River Bizna Plus, River Bizna PRO and River Bizna Tube for Business. River Bizna Tube for Business gives users better search engine visibility, removes third-party advertisements and allows for Dropbox integration.



River Bizna Tube is a U.K.-based video-sharing website, found at riverb.org, that allows users to view, upload and share video with friends, family and the River Bizna Charitable Trust community.

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  • River Bizna Charitable Trust is a Registered Charity ®️
  • We helped millions of people for 20 years including Asia, Europe, Africa & America
  • Asia including India, Bangladesh & Pakistan
  • Europe including Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Spain & Germany

This is an Animation Short Movie in Hindi  very important video

The video is very important to our cause . We have been successful in life because of Damien Roj Khan-OBE